Welcome to My Blog


My name is Josiah.

I want to start out with what this blog is not. This blog is not some sort of philosopher’s chat room where we discuss the relativity of truth. It also is not a preacher’s pulpit from where I rant and rave on the evils of smoking and dancing. I do not want to intentionally insult any of you either.

However, this blog is a place where I will try to share some of the things that I have learned: absolute truths that can be applied in your everyday life. I am sincerely sorry if my words insult any of you readers.

As for who I am… I am not some old sage who ponders the mysteries of the universe and knows everything there is to know. No, I am seventeen years old. I don’t have the experience that some adults have, but the helpful principles I have learned come from advice and teaching from much older and wiser people.

Most of what I say here will come from one source:

The Bible.

Now, before you click the little red “x” at the top right corner of your screen, please hear me out.

I am most definitely a Christian – a complete Jesus Freak, and I’m not ashamed of it. I value the Bible as the absolute source of all truth. That is why much of what I say here will be very controversial.

As for why you should still be reading…

The Bible is not a book of stupid, legalistic rules. Even if you are not a Christian, it has principles that can be applied to your life. Did you know that most of its “legalistic rules” were actually created to protect those who would obey them? If obeyed, they would be a protection from disease, injury, and emotional distress!

The rest of this post is very controversial, but it illustrates my point perfectly so please, keep reading.

The Bible commands us to not do a lot of things. One of them is having premarital sex; the very act of sex has been proven to create an emotional bond between the two participants. The bond can never be broken. Even though the relationship may end, the bond still remains. Anyone who has gone “too far” in a relationship can attest to the heartache that comes when the other partner leaves the relationship for someone else. The law was created to keep people from experiencing that pain, not to keep them from “having fun.”

It is sad how twisted things have gotten.

It is comparable to a child putting his finger in an electrical outlet. The father tells him not to. The child does it anyways, thinking that his father does not want him to have any fun. The kid shocks himself and is rushed to the ER. The boy is never the same again, and the shock leaves a deep scar behind. The father tried to protect the child, and it breaks his heart to see his son crying from the pain that came as a result of the child’s own refusal to listen.

It is the same with premarital sex, or alcohol, or drugs, or even lying.

Ever thought a little white lie didn’t hurt? Well, it did. Little white lies lead to bigger ones. Eventually, you will get caught. Once the lie is revealed, you can never, ever regain that person’s trust again. At least, never to the same level again. Every time you tell that person something, he will wonder, “Is that true, or is he just lying to me again?” Sure, people change and all that, (I should know – I was a sinner but now redeemed) but things will never quite be the same between the two of you. It hurts you; it hurts others. That is why God explicitly says, “Do not lie.”

That is the reason for the “legalism.” God is literally doing everything he can to keep you from doing things that will hurt you. Yes, God can do anything, and if he wanted to he could make you choose the right thing. But that’s just it –  he doesn’t want to! He doesn’t want to force people to make the right choices: He wants them to do it themselves. God chose from day 1 of creation to not interfere with the free will of human beings. God will not make you do or not do anything.

Can you imagine, mothers, how it must feel to watch your child walk right into a bear trap while you are begging him to not take another step. Non-parents, imagine the same thing with a little brother or sister. Only children – a best friend.

That is how it is with God. He weeps every time one of his children is hurt because they would not listen to Him.

And so, even if you are not a Christian, the Bible still applies to your life. I ask that you would continue listening, and I pray that you may one day choose to become a Christian too.




Quickly, I want to explain the end of my post. All of my posts end with one word: “Selah” The word is used frequently in the Psalms and literally means “Think about it,” “ponder it,” or “chew on it.” (As a cow chews the cud, regurgitating it throughout the day to chew on it again) I ask that you would think about what I have said, and that God would stir your heart.




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