Power Outage


So, last time we talked about God giving you His power. Well, I left out one tiny (not really all that tiny) thing in my last message. Pride. Pride is a killer. What I mean by this is that if you become prideful, God’s power will stop flowing through you as if someone pulled the plug on it. He will not let you take credit for something that He does. You are the person that the power flows through, so people will generally praise you for what God is doing. You cannot let that get into your mind. Always, ALWAYS give God the credit, publicly. (Not just in your mind) Reaffirm it every day that it is God who is working through you. I have to remind myself that, although I created this blog, it is GOD who is working through me, and I absolutely cannot take any credit for what I am writing. It would be like some sort of spiritual plagiarism to claim these words as my own.

If you are growing closer to God, and he still is not using you, this may be the reason. God will not give you something that He will have to judge you for later. God must judge you if you become prideful. If He, in his all-knowing-ness, discerns that His power would cause you to become prideful, He ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT give you His power. It will not happen.

So, what can you do to avoid becoming prideful?


Seriously, pray all the time that God would keep you humble. THIS IS SO INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT! Both before and after God starts using you, pray that He would keep you humble.

Now, I want to warn you, God’s methods for keeping you humble are not usually very pleasant. At least, not to us. Most times, it involves God dramatically demonstrating that you can do nothing, reminding you that it is ALL Him who does it. You may be embarrassed, but you will come out so much more humble than before. If you remain humble, hopefully God will not have to publicly embarrass you. If you refuse to be humbled, God will humble you. You would much rather go to Him to be humbled than have Him humble you. There is a verse that says:

“And whoever falls on this stone will be broken; but on whomever it falls, it will grind him to powder.”

I don’t know about you, but it sounds a lot better to me to be broken than to be ground into powder. It seems much better to offer yourself to be broken than to be ground into powder when you don’t offer yourself.

My favorite spiritual teacher is named John Paul Jackson. He has taught me much of what I am telling you here. He has gone to be with his Heavenly Father now, but a lot of his teachings are available on CD, DVD, or at http://www.streamsministries.com. The reason I tell you this is because I could never say all that he taught me and I want you to be able to learn from him. God told him that he didn’t have the right to be right, but the right to be broken. It is so profound, and I still haven’t quite understood it. But, it is true – you have the right to be broken. In other words, be broken. (As a command, not a request) It sounds painful, but as a result, you get to be used without being judged for being prideful.

This isn’t a very nice message, is it? I literally just told you that you will be embarrassed, broken, and reminded of your inadequacy to do anything without God. But, you know what’s great? God is bigger than it all! Nothing that involves God is going to be easy, EVER! But, the reward is so great – not just the promise of heaven, but the promise that He will come and dwell with you HERE ON EARTH. When you experience sorrow, He comforts you. You have times where you just feel Him there with you, and it is beyond words. His Holy Spirit comes and rests on you, and it almost feels like a blanket resting on you. You feel triumphant in the Lord and feel protected in difficult times. The joy of the Lord is impossible to describe, other than it is happiness when it seems completely irrational to be happy.

All of this is yours if you will reach out to God and take Him into your heart. Grow close to Him. This can and will be yours if you will take the risk to get it. The world will hate you for being close to God. A guy just HISSED AT ME in a grocery store the other day. I am telling you, that was one of the scariest things that ever happened to me, but I know why it happened. It is because that which is not God saw God in me and didn’t like it. Although the experience freaked me out, it reminds me how great God is, and I love that God can be seen in me. It reaffirms me that God is with me, and that He will never leave me. And this is true for you. God will never leave you. If you do not have God in you, I ask that you would consider what I have said. I would love to walk you through the salvation plan if you want to have this relationship as your own. Just leave a comment letting me know. God loves you, even right now when you are not one of His own. He wishes that everyone would be His, but that is your choice.



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