The Copycat


This post will be a little different than most of my other ones.

I want to talk about the counterfeiter. His name is Satan. Satan has never created anything. He has only counterfeited what is already there. Not only that, but Satan attempts to counterfeit every single thing that God has made. Why? To confuse people. If he can convince people that the counterfeit is the real thing, then he can trap them and pull them away from God.

Let me explain:

God causes supernatural things to happen as a result of faith. There is a verse that says that if you have faith, you can tell a mountain to jump into the sea, and it will do it. The counterfeit of this is when New Age followers can bend a spoon with the power of their mind.

Listen to this very carefully: Satan has a lot of power.

However, when you compare his power to God’s, it grows infinitely tiny.

That is why supernatural things happen in the New Age. Satan is using his power.

But, when you compare bending a spoon and causing a mountain to leap into the sea, you can obviously see whose power is greater.

However, people don’t see God’s power that often, because they aren’t willing to work for it, as I said in Paradox. Satan offers a greatly diminished version of God’s power, but without the work. The only problem is, when anyone chooses Satan as their master, they are giving him full access to do anything he wants to them, including dragging them down to @#!*% with him. It is that serious. Naturally, Satan will want to keep his New Age followers alive, that way they can entice more people to unwittingly serve the devil.

Here are some comparisons of God and Satan’s power.

God can move a mountain into the sea.

Satan can bend a spoon.

God can pick a prophet up by his hair and lift him into the sky to preach.

Satan can make a person levitate a couple centimeters off the ground.

God can reveal the future to His prophets.

Satan can tell already known facts to his psychics.

Really quickly, let me explain that last bit. Satan does not know the future. How do I know this? Well, if Satan knew the future, he wouldn’t have rebelled against God, because he would have known that he lost.

So, if psychics use Satan’s power to “predict the future…”

What’s going on here?!

Well, Satan has an enormous network of demons. They know that you sneezed at 6:34 A.M. last Wednesday while riding the bus to work. They also knew that Donald Trump was planning to run for president when he first mentioned the idea. They know where a missing child is, because one of them is right there watching the child as he wanders around.

They only know things that are currently happening or have already happened though.

So, let’s assume that you live in New York City and go to a psychic who tells you that your father will surprise you for Christmas by bringing your whole family to visit. They told the future! Satan has power to know the future!

No. He doesn’t. His demons are watching your family drive in the RV right now on their way to New York. They heard your father whispering to your mother about the idea two weeks ago.

Satan did not predict the future. He just spouted off information that he already knew, but the results had not come to pass yet.

God knows the future, well, because He’s already there watching it happen. He knew that your family was going to surprise you for Christmas way back when He was busy knocking down the walls of Jericho. If he wanted to, he could have told Joshua, “By the way, this guy who lives in New York City 3,000 years from now will have his family surprise him for Christmas.” And Joshua would have been like, “Uhhhhhh, What’s a New York? What’s a Christmas?”

Do you see the difference?

Satan can let people use astral projection.

God can literally take you physically to another location.

Satan can make water turn to blood, turn a staff into a snake, and make frogs come out of the Nile river.

God can do all of those as well as turning dust into gnats, sending flies on the entire land of Egypt, killing all the livestock in Egypt, causing boils to break out on people, sending locusts to eat all the plants in Egypt, sending a hailstorm on Egypt, causing the sun to be darkened on Egypt for three days, and killing all the firstborn of Egypt.

Satan can indwell a dead person.

God can tell a dead person to come out of the tomb.

Satan can let his psychics use necromancy  (talking to the spirits of dead people)

God can bring the person back to life to tell you the message himself.

Satan’s psychics can speak to animals.

God can make a donkey speak to humans.

The list goes on and on.

Satan even has a false trinity – the beast, the dragon, and the antichrist

As compared to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Satan disguises his power to look like God’s, but we must be wary of what is God and what is not. One way will lead to heaven, the other, @#!*% .



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